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Enagic is a Japanese privately owned company that has been providing the best quality machines for people from all over the world.

Since Hironari Oshiro founded the company in 1974, it has grown internationally and has opened offices all over the world, such as Los Angeles, Honolulu, New York and Chicago as well as offices in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany and most recently in Malaysia! Enagic stands behind every product.

High Quality  Certifications

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Years of expertise




Worldwide locations


Sustainability as

a priority

A healthy and comfortable life cannot be achieved without protecting the environment. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the environment and to contribute to its conservation.

As a member of civil society, Enagic works continuously on "compliance" and "quality improvement", taking into account the environmental and safety needs of the next generation.

Enagic works to secure and use materials with a low environmental impact, reduce, reuse and recycle waste, conserve natural resources and save energy to prevent global warming.

Every employee and management - comply with international laws, regulations and standards relating to the environment and safety. Thorough training of the employees makes them aware of environmental and safety issues, which can prevent environmental and industrial accidents.

Enagic strives for continuous improvement through specific environmental goals, which are regularly reported on.

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