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Natural cosmetics -

The skin is our largest organ. It is through the skin where we absorbt the most and therefore it requires the same nutrients as the rest of the human body to stay healthy. The best option is natural and chemicall-free cosmetics.

However, switching to environmentally friendly and chemical-free beauty products should compromise the quality.

Now is the time to become just as responsible and conscious about what we use on our skin the same way as we care on what we consume into our bodies.

Beauty Spa
Happy Beauty Model

Beauty Watter as tonic

Enagic®s Beauty Water can open up a world of cleaner, greener, and more affordable products that really work !

Pamper yourself with your personal favorites by making your own organic elixirs.

Discover how Kangen Happy Water keeps you healthy and hydrated - inside and out!




Clean green beauty.

After you have transformed your home into a clean and green space, let's take a look at how you can use Beauty Water to extend your green life to your personal skin and day care.

  • Beauty Water is a gentle astringent that helps maintain the correct pH for our acidic skin.

  • Tap water contains hard chlorine, which removes natural oils from the skin that are essential for hydration.

  • With Beauty Water, you can wash, rinse and tone your entire body so that your skin and hair stay healthy and hydrated.

This amazing water is wonderfully nourishing and can also be used as an ingredient to make your own beauty products!

Whether organic hair care products, hand disinfectants or after shave: the powerful Enagic® devices generate the water you need to keep your skin and your environment clean, green and radiant.

Transform your skin, hair and beauty care products with 6 pH Beauty Water today!

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Due to the porous nature of the epidermis, the absorption of chemicals is something that we must always take into account when applying anything to our skin.

Given this information, we need to be extra careful with the ingredients in our beauty products. We should feed our skin just like our bodies, with healthy, organic ingredients that are as natural as possible.

But let's not forget about the environmental impact of the chemicals in skin care products that wash down the drain and into our water sources.

Water treatment centers cannot filter out these harsh chemicals. As a result, over 100 different chemicals have been detected in our tap water and ecosystem.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. With your Kangen machine you can produce natural, homemade beauty products with just one main ingredient: Enagic® Beauty Water!

NO -  to aggressive chemicals 


YES - to natural beauty and

skin care straight from your water source.

Free of:


  • Cocamidopropyl betaine,

  • Sulphates (SLS, SLES, SCS)

  • Formaldehyde, salicylates, parabens, phosphates, MEA, DEA, TEA

  • Petroleum based ingredients

  • Animal by-products

  • Perfumes

  • Synthetic ingredients

Natural, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, biodegradable, VEGAN
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