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“No disease can exist in an alkaline environment

exist - not even cancer! "

Nobel Laureate Dr. Otto Warburg

Why is water so important?

Our body consists of more than 75% water. Water is indispensable for us and plays a central role in the organism.

Main roles of water in the body are:

1. Building material for all body cells and fluids.

2. Solvents for metabolic and transport processes.

3. Biochemical processes.

4. Coolant for our body temperature.

Schreiben am Wasser
Brücke über Wasserfall

80% of our illnesses are caused by an improper diet. More than two-thirds of all deaths are diet-related diseases.

- German Nutrition Society -

Health is not everything -
But everything means nothing without health. 

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Your health care benefits


About 80% of the population suffers from acidosis and thus one of the main causes of illness.

The easiest way to keep the body alkalie is ionized Happy Kangen water. In combination with the right diet and sufficient exercise, the body is returned to an alkaline and healthy state.



Tap water and mineral water have a cluster size of 15 to 20 molecules. Happy Kangen water, on the other hand, only has 4-6 molecules.

This way, the water gets into the cell and  is way more efficient. Nutrients and enzymes can be transported better. Fats can be dissolved and metabolic waste removed.



Oxidation means aging.

Antioxidation, on the other hand, is "rejuvenation".

Our body is exposed to environmental influences, stress, poor nutrition and the attack of free radicals on a daily basis. Our immune system tries to fight this off several times a day.

Thanks to its ionization, Happy Kangen Water is rich in antioxidants and provides the body with additional support.

Natürlicher Wasserfall

Ionized Kangen water neutralizes free radicals and improves oxygen transport, reduces calcification of arteries, relieves the heart and optimizes blood circulation.

"No disease can exist in an alkaline body -
not even cancer! "

For this, Dr. Otto Warburg (1883-1970) received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1931 (a six-time Nobel Prize winner in Medicine) for demonstrating that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline, oxygen-rich environment.

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