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The best for you and your plants!
Garden & plants

Gardening is great, but gardening with Happy Kangen Water® is better!


Just as your body needs Happy Kangen Water® for ultimate hydration, your plants need this remarkable water for nutrition, hydration and revitalization.

Drei Pflanzen
Image by Markus Winkler

Plants thrive in different soil pH values, some soils are more alkaline while others are more acidic.

The Enagic® machine can produce water with exactly the pH value your plants need to thrive.

You will notice an amazing difference in your garden when you care for your plants with the appropriate Happy Kangen Water!

Gardening -
Made easy!

Gardening is environmentally friendly, healthy and good for your health by providing exercise and helping you connect with nature.


The sustainability of gardening cannot be overstated. By producing our own herbs and vegetables, we help reduce the unnecessary waste of resources in transporting food.

Gardening has never been easier! Each plant is individual and has special requirements. With Happy Kangen water you can give every plant what it needs.

Happy Kangen Water® stimulates germination and improves seedling development so that your plants stay healthy without the use of harmful chemicals.

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