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Happy animals,

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For OUR animals

One family member whose hydration is sometimes overlooked is our beloved pets.


Most animals are made up of around 60% water, so they need to drink plenty of water to replace their lost fluids during the day.

Animals don't sweat, which makes it much harder for them to cool off as effectively as humans. When your pet is thirsty and doesn't have access to their own water, puddles become their water sources.

Always pack a bottle of Happy Kangen Water® just for him instead of letting your cat or dog take a sip of dirty water!

A bottle of the best clean Happy Kangen water on the go is a wonderful alternative!

Remember, pets need water just like we do!
Image by Ralu Gal
Cute Puppy

Happy water, happy pet, happy life

This water offers you many different options so that your fur nose smells good every day! Don't waste time looking for the perfect product in pet shops or spending more money on pet care products that contain toxic chemicals.

Just do it yourself, from the comfort of your home.

Green, sustainable and natural.


Animal wellbeing - redefined

Alarming levels of Teflon and mercury have been discovered in our dogs and cats in higher concentrations than in humans, meaning our beloved pets are much more susceptible to toxins and pollutants than we are.

Grooming products, flea and tick treatments, and even pet foods contain harmful contaminants and toxins that increase the risk of disease and shorten the lives of our pets.

Unfortunately, there is far too little research on this broad topic. Therefore, as parents, we have to take responsibility for this and act accordingly.

Happy Kangen Water® is key to protecting our pets. Happy Kangen Water®, provides our sweeties with optimal moisture, offers natural solutions for diseases and is even amazing for the production of your own organic pet food!

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