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Over 5000 members already joined the Happy Water Team. From all countries, nations, cultures and generations, one thing unites us all: the passion for healthy & sustainable water. 


Team Leader


I found my way to this amazing water through my wonderful mom.


As a model and happy water ambassador I am so grateful that I was able to get to know it at such a young age and that I can now bring it into the world.


This water is such an inspiration in so many ways! Especially as a passionate kitchen fairy, I don't want to miss it anymore. It's such an upgrade in my daily life!


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Team Leader


As a woman over 50, your health and vital strength as well as your hormonal balance and joie de vivre get a very special value.

That I enjoy all of this daily and constantly is one of the immeasurably many water benefits.

As an entrepreneur, book author and mentor, with my more than 20-year dedication to holistic health and mindset, I am happy to be there for you!  


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Everyone wants to be fit and energetic in order to realize their dreams. In recent years, my strength has decreased rapidly. Fatigue and exhaustion were my daily companions.


With every sip of this unique water, I got my energy back. For me and my health, this is a gift of priceless value.


Since then everything has changed. It is so easy. I would be happy to show you the way there!



Team Leader



My mission:

"Beauty from within & natural beauty from the outside"

I have been in the cosmetics & beauty industry for 18 years. My goal is to inspire people and do them good! I got to know this water through Rosita & her daughter Soraya

Drink yourself alkaline, healthy & beautiful!


Weg auf dem Wasser


For me, for us, for the environment -


...from anywhere in the world.

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